My father, Gordon Dixon, the person who was creating and hosting several websites for clients and friends, passed away on Tuesday the 19th.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support from everyone. It has meant so much to us.

Due to my father’s health issues leading up to his death, he began working on and hosting websites for something to do in his free time.

Anyone who has a website hosted on my father’s server should contact me as soon as you have a free moment. I have been contacting everyone who I could find regarding their websites but I may have missed someone. So I’ve redirected all of the unused, parked domains here. All of the hosted websites will continue to stay up but I need to go over the details of what each of you need in the meantime. I’d like to make sure that the agreements made by my father are honored to the best of my ability, as I will be trying to continue as much of his work as I can in my spare time.

If you have a site hosted here, please contact me at jdixon@homestone.org.

Again, We’d like to thank everyone for their support over these last few days. They have truly meant a lot to us.

Josh Dixon